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  • technological secrets - instant ramen - hi-tech - kids web japan

    Technological Secrets - Instant Ramen - Hi-tech - Kids Web Japan

    The dough is sliced into noodles by a machine equipped with cutting blades. Advanced technologies are used in every step of the manufacturing process. a new method of dehydrating ramen noodles has emerged: blow-drying them at a

  • company news; new competition in noodle soup - the new

    COMPANY NEWS; New Competition in Noodle Soup - The New

    Dec 26, 1989 The product this time is the instant noodle soup known as ramen. dumpling-maker. Company, the leading ramen maker in the United States and a -has thin tightly curled noodles and has been one of the leading fast foods of Asia since World War II. .. Charles M. Blow David Brooks Frank Bruni Roger Cohen

  • san franciscos newest vending machine is serving up hot ramen

    San Franciscos newest vending machine is serving up hot ramen

    Mar 1, 2018 Yo-Kai Express is a different kind of vending machine in San Francisco. We dont want to make fast food good, we want to make good food fast. The tonkotsu ramen comes with noodles, pork, mushrooms, corn and seaweed. .. The company is working to add new ramen flavors to the vending machine

  • inside sun noodle, the secret weapon of americas best ramen

    Inside Sun Noodle, the Secret Weapon of Americas Best Ramen

    Jul 22, 2014 Over the last 33 years, the Hawaiian company has built three Sun Noodle: How one noodle-maker is changing ramen in America A Brief Ramen Glossary .. whats going on in contemporary Japanese ramen as well and how to .. Sun Noodle from a mom-and-pop noodle manufacturer to a fully blown

  • cute ramen ad quickly devolves into demonic hellscape - the takeout

    Cute ramen ad quickly devolves into demonic hellscape - The Takeout

    Apr 9, 2018 And then theres this awesome 30-second spot from Japan, courtesy of Nissin— maker of instant noodles—that begins with an adorable chicken