Product Features
It can put many different filling inside, such as meat, chocolate, vegetable, or cheese. 
Stainless material. 
The nozzle sprays the paste on the heating drum. The paste will become a long shape pastry sheet because of the heating drum's temperature. 
The cutter will cut the pastry sheet into rectangle or square shape piece by piece. 
The machine will pull each piece of the sheet to the fixed position. Then, infuse the filling into the sheet and roll it manually. The spring roll is formed already.


Product Specifiction

In addition to Cookies Processing Machine and Dumpling Machine, we also offer Prepared Food Processing Machine, Bakery Processing Machine, Auto Slicing Machine and Auto Panning Machine with high quality and competitive price.

Machine Dimension: L 6600 x W 850 x H 1600/mm 
Capacity: 1300pcs,per/hr 
Electricity: 15KW



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