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  • xfl automatic vertical weighing and packing machine - shanghai

    XFL Automatic Vertical Weighing and Packing Machine - Shanghai

    The system will finish all the process automatically: feeding, weighing, filling, It has the advantages of high accurate weighting, high efficiency without broken material. The machine is used for packing granular product, snack, potato chips, etc. melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, medical material, deep-frozen food,

  • jb-420z automatic 100g-500g pouch potato chips snack food

    JB-420Z Automatic 100g-500g pouch potato chips snack food

    JB-420Z Automatic 100g-500g pouch potato chips snack food packing Use Corn Nuts Snacks machine with Shandong Leader Machinery gifted with potato chips, frozen dumplings, cereal, tea, washing powder, desiccants, etc. PLC servo and pneumatic control system, super touch screen forms the drive Net weight.

  • dumpling packaging machine - alibaba

    Dumpling Packaging Machine - Alibaba

    Widely use frozen dumpling weighing packing packaging machine for food shanghai best price customized JB-300LD multifunction automatic rice dumpling chain Servo Automatic Horizontal dumpling packaging machinery XBL-600B Factory Sale Multifunctional Dumpling Plantain Chips Packaging Machine Tablet

  • shanghai ruijijinhong packing machinery co.,ltd. of


    RL 320 Automatic Vertical; RL 420 Automatic Vertical Packing Machine; RL 422 Twin Tube Use intelligent temperature controlling machine to have accurate Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and super touch screen roasted seeds and nuts, granulated sugar, deep-frozen food, milk powder, milk

  • electronic weighing packaging machine - liquid packaging

    Electronic Weighing Packaging Machine - Liquid Packaging

    AUTOMATIC COMPUTERIZED QUANTITATION FILLING & PACKAGING MACHINE This machine is PLC controlled ensuring superior bag forming accuracy.